Advocating for NETs

I’m excited to share, as of last week, I have been appointed a Patient Representative with the Food and Drug Administration to represent the Neuroendocrine Tumor community.

This means, I’ll be involved in the official government process of evaluating new drugs and treatments intended to help those affected by Neuroendocrine Tumors. This entails speaking on behalf of Neuroendocrine Tumor patients during clinical trial phases and in public hearings. It’s hard to say when these opportunities to participate will come forth since it depends on what is in the FDA pipeline, but those of us who follow closely could take a couple guesses for 2017.

The FDA has only one Representative per disease, so I feel honored to be the person representing the Neuroendocrine Tumor community and thank the Carcinoid Cancer Foundation for their recommendation.

To learn a bit more about the Patient Representative Network, here is a blog from the FDA’s Acting Commissioner, Robert Califf, MD.

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