Let me just random ramble, rant, rave and vent about a few things…

WTF Lady at the grocery store…Why do you charge me for a plastic bag? Do you realize that I just spent 100¥ in your store? Had I known I was going to have to pay 1¥ for the bag, I would’ve just said “no” (or bu). I know it’s not a lot of money (about 10 cents), it’s the principle. Next time she tries to pull a fast one like that, I’m going ask her if she’d like a butt kicking and then ask her for 10¥ when I’m done with her. WTF Lady at the grocery store.

WTF Little man on the subway….I just got a pedicure and now you step on my foot. If the paint wasn’t still wet I would karate kick you. You should sleep with one eye open because once this pant dries, it’s on like Donkey Kong. WTF Little man on the subway.

WTF Bartender…I know this isn’t a Captain and Coke. Trust me. I’ve had enough Captain Morgan’s in my life to know the taste and this isn’t it. And don’t argue with me telling me again and again that it is Captain. Whatever is in this glass isn’t what I ordered. Stop pretending you know Western liquors better than Westerners. Pour me a new drink before I seriously freak out. WTF Bartender.

WTF Woman at the English bookstore…Let’s have a little talk. I’m in a special little section of the book stored titled “Imported Books”. I know that I asked you if you had a book titled “Living in China”, but it doesn’t mean that I want the book in Chinese. So don’t you dare tell me I need to go to the Chinese book store. WTF Woman at the English bookstore.

WTF Girl in yoga class…Shave your pits. Seriously, WTF girl in yoga class.

WTF Cars. I’m sleeping. Why do you have to all beep on the street below. It’s like you actually believe that the longer you hold the horn down will actually incentify the police to clear the accident more quickly. WTF Cars.

WTF Danny’s Bagel. The name of your restaurant is “Danny’s Bagel” but when we order a bagel you tell us you don’t have any bagels and sell pizza. Could I recommend that you call the place “Danny’s Pizza”? My opinion is that your whole restaurant is one big scham and that your really running a drug op out of the back. I’m on to you and if you don’t get some bagels in this place, stat, I’ll be making a little visit to the Chinese FBI. WTF Danny’s Bagel.

WTF People on the elevator. I don’t understand your logic. Why do you push to get on the lift before the people exit? Really, your actions make no sense. And as a side note, would it kill you if you didn’t star at me the entire ride? I’m aware of the fact that I look different and you invading my space, just so you can get a closer look isn’t great for my self esteem. WTF People on the elevator.

WTF Department store sales lady….You are smoking crack if you think I am paying 500 Yuan for a little sweater. This isn’t Paris or New York City sister. White does not equal stupid but I am honestly questioning your intelligence. WTF Department store sales lady.

WTF Useless woman in the aisle of the grocery store…First of all, I’m perfectly capable of finding the items listed on the overhead sign on my own. Next, don’t tell me the where the bacon is because I’m not even looking for bacon. Do you think that just because I’m American that I love anything dripping in grease and fat? Well, yes, I love bacon but you need to stop assuming things. Step into my office. Why? Because you’re fired. WTF Useless woman in the grocery store.

Thanks for letting me get those things off my chest everyone.

9 thoughts on “WTF!?

  1. Cédric says:

    Take it easy Stacie, things never seems to be as normal as we expect. Maybe these chinese are a bit french after all…
    Just one french question : What does WTF mean ?


  2. Mary says:

    Love it, WTF moments are the best. By the way, in Hong Kong you have to pay for a plastic bag at every store – is that not the same on mainland? I believe they started it a year or so ago to cut back on waste. I now tote a canvas bag everywhere, annoying but helpful to good old Mother Nature I guess.


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