First Descents

Last week, I travelled to Northern California and spent the week having a blast with 15 other cancer survivors through an organization called First Descents (FD). I heard about FD through a fellow survivor who participated in their rock climbing program years ago and raved about the experience. The First Descents website is the best resource to describe their mission, but basically, they are an organization that takes young adult cancer survivors on (FREE) adventure trips, typically consisting of activities such as surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, etc.

I will be writing a couple of pieces about the week, but am still unpacking the experience. So, in the meantime, I’ll share two videos and their website. If you are a cancer survivor and have a love of the outdoors, I highly recommend checking them out. Good times and inspiring people are guaranteed!

And just last week the First Descents founder, Brad Ludden was named a CNN Hero.  Watch here:

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