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The Hero’s Journey is a narrative template identified by writer Joseph Campbell. It is said to be the greatest story ever told because it has appeared over and over in some of our most beloved stories and movies such as Jaws, Star Wars, and my personal favorite, Thelma and Louise.  It is an overwhelming obstacle assigned to an un-wanting individual who must find the strength to endure and persevere.   

It is my story and the story of many cancer survivors.



This essay is a revised version of my April reading at the Bluebird Cafe, which was part of My 2nd Act: Survivor Stories from the Stage.

2 thoughts on “The Ordinary World

  1. Ed Trapp says:

    I found your article to be very informative, especially the encouragement for a NET patient to seek a clinic that specializes in NETs . For me it was LSU, diagnosed with Stage 4 Carcinoid Syndrome. Dr. Boudreaux operated on me for 7 plus hours and removed over a 100 tumors, my gall bladder, performed a right hemi colectomy , and removed 22″ of my ileum the location of my primary tumor. I have been virtually cancer free now for 11 years, still have some Carcinoid cells in three lymph nodes. The surgery absolutely changed my life as I am symptom free. Recision of tumor load is a very effective treatment in my opinion, but you must find the right surgeon.


    • Stacie Chevrier says:

      Hi Ed! Thank you for the kind words and writing. I’m so happy that you are cancer free for so long. I love hearing stories like yours that it is possible. Really, thank you so much for sharing and reading. Cheers to many more years of wonderful health!


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