Living the Dream on Santorini

Santorini has been at the top of my travel list since forever and I was beyond thrilled when Fabien agreed on Greece for our honeymoon destination. I spent a lot of time researching where to stay, how to get there and what to do since I wanted the 5 days to be absolute perfection. Coming from Crete, Santorini had big shoes to fill.

The boat ride in was less climatic that I had expected. Actually, the rough water made me a tad queasy and I pretty much slept until we arrived. After finding our sketchy transporter, we drove 40 minutes to the traditional village of Oia (pronounced e-ah). We were then handed off to another transporter who took our luggage and guided us through the streets which have no names, rhyme or reason. The only negative statement on the travel websites about our hotel  was that there were a lot of stairs. It’s true, but it helped balance all of the wonderful food we were eating. When we finally made it to the hotel, the proprietor met us at our room, which had the very best view in all of the hotel. The room was totally, undoubtably, hands down the most AMAZING place we have ever stayed. My research had paid off.

The view from our terrace

Our hotel – Oia Mare Villas

We spent the first day and the next eating lunch at the Amoundi Bay which was 300 steps below our hotel, swimming in the pool, watching the sunset and having a late dinner. Watching the sunset in Oia is a must do while on the island and we were so lucky to have the best seat in the house. There was a landing just above our hotel where hundreds of tourists would claim their spot hours before sunset. It is so amazing that people actually clap and cheer each night when it’s finished. We used this time to play cards, have a drink and a little something to eat before dinner.

Sunset ritual

Other tourists getting ready for sunset


After a couple of days of being lazy by the pool, we decided to rent a 4-wheeler and explore the island. We went to various beaches and towns and both decided we were so happy with the place we had chosen to stay. Santorini isn’t known for great beaches and I would agree that they were just ok. Below is a pic of my favorite, Red Beach. Another one where you have to take a boat or hike over rocks and cliffs for access.


Hiking (yet again) to Red Beach

Another day, we chartered a boat and went to the volcano. That was pretty cool. After the volcano they took us swimming in the hot springs and then to another island across the way called Thirisia.

Who wears white to a volcano? We do!

The (bathing suit staining) hot springs

After doing all that, we had pretty much done and seen it all. Our last couple days continued with this pattern: breakfast, swimming in the sea, lunch, lounging by the pool, sunset ritual, dinner, repeat.

Really, I could spend a week just laying by the pool and looking at the beauty of Santorini – it’s just that amazing. However, three days would have probably been sufficient. Below are my two favorite photos from Santorini and you can also click here to view the entire Santorini album.

My favorite pic of the trip

Couldn’t you just look at it forever?

2 thoughts on “Living the Dream on Santorini

  1. lifefullofjules says:

    My mom is Italian, and my dad is Greek.. Yes, I am quite the mixture. I have always felt closer to my Italian side.. To be honest, I have had no desire, at all, to EVER go to Greece. However, you have changed that. I want to go purchase a plane ticket right now. Thank you!


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