Random Last Thoughts

I wanted to write one more blog before my departure tomorrow. I couldn’t decide on one particular topic, so this post will be a random babble. If you don’t plan on reading all the blogs, you can go ahead and skip this one. I totally won’t be offended.

25 hours(maybe more)…

I leave Thursday morning and arrive in Guangzhou (which I’ve since discovered is pronounced Gong-joe and not Gong-zoo) Friday night. My flight schedule is Detroit – New York City – Beijing – Guangzhou. That being said, a winter storm is currently hitting New York City, so if I’m delayed any longer than 2 hours, chances are I’ll miss my flight in Beijing. Once I arrive in Guangzhou, I will literally lose an entire day of my life. 19 hours of total flight time. O la vache, as Fabien would say. And the very most exciting part is that I get to fly over the North Pole. How cool is that? And don’t worry, I will wave to Santa.


Last week I came down with a sore throat. I ignored for a couple days thinking that it would just go away because I didn’t feel sick. Then on Friday I figured it was time to be proactive and go back to the infamous Dr. Ramm. Fortunately and unfortunately, she was not in and I saw her equally judgmental counterpart, Dr. Weber. After doing a check for strep throat (neg) she advised me that I was probably just stress and running myself down. I advised her that I was not stressed and have actually been relaxing a bit more than usual. She told me that I was stressed again. My thoughts….”Thanks for your concern, but I’m not stressed. My effing throat hurts. Please give me some drugs before I do get stressed because I’m about to get on a plane for 25 hours while I’m sick.” Still no meds. So, I went to the CVS next door and have been chugging Airbourne ever since. Then on Monday, I still was not feeling normal, so I went back. She again referred to her theory that I was “stressed” and reluctantly wrote me a script for Amoxicillin. I already feel better. If she had her way I would’ve walked out with Xanax.

Fabien Update….

After a many days, a Chinese visa was in his possession on Friday.  Good thing since he had a flight to leave Monday.  I’m thinking since I received mine in only a week and his took almost a month and a half, that maybe his company should hire me to handle this. Just a good business idea for them.

So, Fabien left France Monday and arrived in China on Tuesday. No one was there to pick him up the airport. Being the resourceful little fella that he is, he got himself to the hotel just fine.  The plan is to stay in a hotel until we find an apartment. I wasn’t too keen on the whole hotel thing. I’d prefer to get settled in our home and resume life. Then I saw the hotel. Wowza…an amazing room, pool, gym, spa, limo service, etc.. Um….”Fabien, let’s take our time finding an apartment. We don’t want to rush into anything.”

Things (I Think) I’ll Miss…

A few people have been asking me what I’ll miss most. Family, friends, Bear and Cally are a given. So, let me give it a shot and then in a few months we’ll revisit this list.

  • My coffeemaker that makes amazing cinnamon coffee. Don’t forget the half and half too.
  • Salad.
  • Driving.
  • American Chinese Food.
  • Facebook.
  • Hearing responses in English.

And Lastly…Last Thoughts

The other question I’m getting a lot is “Are you excited?” Bah, oui. Very excited. I’m super duper excited to see Fabien. It’s been 17 days since I’ve seen his adorable mug in person. I’m excited to live with him even if he leaves the toilet seat up and takes days to wash his smelly soccer clothes. I’m excited to see China. I’m excited to see the other countries we plan to visit. I’m excited to be somewhere warm. Excited to learn the culture. I could go on and on.

So, the next blog will be live from China. I’m going to try to document my journey there, but, with mother nature on my side (positive thinking), it will be uneventful. Pics to follow. Baibai!

3 thoughts on “Random Last Thoughts

  1. Karim says:

    Keep writing the same funny way, keep giving that many supposedly unsignificant but actually hilarious details, and I will keep have fun and pleasure reading your stuff. Good luck for this amazing experience. Do you believe your blog can remain that attractive for 6 months? Good luck for that too :)


  2. Gail says:

    I love reading your blog, keep up the good work. I can live vicariously through your travels, oh to be young. Enjoy every new day. Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Luv you, Gail
    PS – I think you could just whip the french government into shape and speed things up. If you need a reference remember I’m here (worked with you long enough to know). You CAN do it !!!


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