Chasing AC in Athens

I know. I know. I know. I have been such a slacker lately. It’s been 3 months since my last post and I feel as though I have lived a whole other lifetime since then, but I am FINALLY setting aside some time to getting my blog updated.

So, let’s talk about Athens, Greece.

We arrived into the city exhausted and beyond jet lagged after a few days of marathon wedding activities in France. More on that later. The fact that our flight from Paris to Athens was delayed a few hours didn’t help with this exhaustion and we ended up arriving at 2am instead of 9pm. Really, it was okay since we were too tired to do anything anyway. We checked into our hotel and awoke to a beautiful blue sky and a view of the Parthenon. Yay!

We wasted no time venturing out, but within an hour we were experiencing what it’s like to be in Athens, in July- it was seriously 120 degrees at 10am. Within an hour we were disgustingly sweaty and exhausted from the heat. Nothing says honeymoon like body odor and me reading Fabien the riot act if he as so much as accidentally brushed my body. “It’s too hot, don’t touch me.”

But, we pushed through and spent the day walking around, looking at ruins (there are so many), drinking ouzo at cafes and eventually deciding we had enough energy to climb a hill for a totally amazing view of the city. Here are a few pics:

Temple of Zeus


View of the Acropolis from Philopappou Hill. Also a great representation of how disgustingly sweaty we were. :)

Later that night, we went for an awful dinner. Fortunately, the horrible food and horrendous service were balanced by the view of grape vines and the fact that we were within steps to another hill which promised amazing night-time views of Athens and the Acropolis. It did not disappoint!

Acropolis at night

The next day, we made a failed attempt at waking up early to beat the heat and crowds at the Acropolis. As expected, this was really the highlight of Athens.  We spent a couple of hours exploring the site in the blazing sun before going to the Acropolis museum, which  we may or may not have gone in just because they had cold water and air conditioning. Feeling as though we have seen and done it all, we spent the rest of the day napping in our air conditioned hotel room followed by a much better dining experience that night.  Having officially overcome our exhaustion and jet lag, we were ready to take the island of Crete by storm the following day. Below are some pics of the Acropolis and for the complete Athen’s album, click here.

Theatre of Dionysus

The Parthenon

I Do…Again

When we recently moved, I found a couple funny things in a box of school assignments my mom had saved. One from 6th grade was a book of predictions of where me and my classmates would be in 10 & 15 years (22/27ish).  (Yes, I know, I know – I’m not 22/27, but I’m not too much older.) While most other students said they wanted to be doctors, professional athletes, parents, rich, married, etc., I had big plans for myself.

Age 22 forecast

Age 27 forecast

Talking about setting an intention.  I guess that even as a child, I was a big dreamer.  But, relatively speaking, I don’t think I did too bad with my 12-year-old vision board. Sure, I take photo’s, so that would make me a “photographer”. I didn’t technically live in Paris, but I was about an hour away. Traveling to all the amazing places in Europe? I’ve only just scratched the surface, but I’m well on my way. And not only do I have an adopted daughter, but also an adopted son. Aren’t they adorable?

My daughter, Cally

My son, Bear

Then I found another book, where I designed the cover. Again, my psychic abilities weren’t too bad.

Sure, I changed directions a bit in Middle School and decided I’d like to have a baby, work in an office, drive a Mercedes and live the single life in Tennessee.

Yes, I’m well aware that I don’t have a Mercedes and that I don’t work in a big office building, but I’m okay with that. However, what stuck out most was the, “Marriage – not for me”.  Maybe this was a result of my parents recent divorce, but I also found myself in my single 20’s, feeling relatively the same. I was making good money, had a decent job, a house, a dog, cat and awesome friends. Why would I want to get married and mess that all up?

Well, within a short time of meeting Fabien, to quote my friend, Adam, “I chucked it all and followed my heart”. I quit my job and left my house and animals in the care of my friends and family to move to the other side of the world with some french guy I had only known for 6 months. Talk about risk. Fortunately, it all worked out, but , it could have been an epic disaster.

So, here I am. 3 years later and married. Our wedding last year was a perfect day and truly the happiest of our lives. BUT, the perfect day has some competition because this Wednesday, Fabien and I leave for France to get married again. Yes, the girl who didn’t even want to get married and didn’t dream of her wedding is having two weddings. Oh, the irony of it all.

So, here’s what life looks like for the next few weeks:

The Church of St. Cyr en Val

July 4th: Happy Birthday, America. We’re flying from Nashville to Detroit to Paris with wedding supplies in tow.

July 5th: Arrive in Paris and run around like a crazy woman doing last-minute preparations.

July 7th: Get married….again. Did I mention the whole ceremony is in french? And that it’s tradition that the reception lasts until the wee hours in the morning followed by lunch the next day? Next blog. It’s simply too complicated to describe here.

July 9th: Honeymoon (finally). We’re off to Athens, Greece where we’ll spend 3 days sightseeing and dodging protestors, which isn’t new to us. Remember our trip to Bangkok?

In Crete we’ll hike the Samaria Gorge in the White Mountains.

July 12th: Flying from Athens to Chania, Crete. We’ll spend 4 days driving around the island beach hopping and hiking the Samaria Gorge.

July 16th: Jumping on a boat to Santorini for 5 days. Honestly, while most little girls were busy dreaming of their wedding day, I was busy dreaming of Santorini, Greece. Check out the view from our hotel room. I could possibly die right there because my life will be complete when I spend 5 days with Fabien in this paradise.

!!! Our hotel and view !!!

July 21st: Fly back to Athens and soak up one more night in Greece.

July 22nd: Begin the long journey home. Athens > New York > Atlanta > Nashville – Hello, frequent flier miles!

So, here’s to being a photographer, living in France and Tennessee, having adopted animal babies and traveling to all the amazing places in Europe with the worlds most amazing husband.

Happy Independence Day, Everyone!