London: The Good, Bad & Ugly

To celebrate the 3 day weekend, the French family (Corinne, Jean-Paul, Veronique, Ludivine and Thomas) and I jetted off to London.  I was especially excited to be surrounded by English (aside from the 5 french people I was traveling with) and explore one of Europe’s most dynamic cities.

So, rather than to bore you with the every little detail of the trip, I’ll break it down for you like this:

  • Friday – Arrival. Amazing apartment with a view of Parliament and Big Ben. Beer. Fish & chips.
  • Marathon Saturday – Big English breakfast. Tower, London & Millenium Bridges. London Eye. Queens Walk. Big Ben, Parliament, Big Ben, Parliament, Big Ben, Parliament. Westminster Abbey. St. James Park. Buckingham Palace. Piccadilly Circus. Convent Gardens. My feet hurt.
  • Sunday – Big English breakfast. London Castle. St. Pauls Cathedral. Regents Park. Shopping. Beer. An orange cat wearing a leash and an Olympics t-shirt riding the metro. Yup, that really happened. I might need foot surgery.
  • Monday – Big English breakfast. Back to France. Foot soak.

So, let’s talk about the good, bad and ugly of “America’s truest friend.” (George Bush)

The Good:

  • Adorable accents and words. When asking if the kitchen was open one night the bartender responded, with a charming accent, “I’m afraid it’s not.” This only made me want to pinch her cheeks because it was so darn cute.
  • Perfect contrast of old and new. In many old European cities, you could never put a modern skyscraper next to an 17th century apartment building. Here, you find this all over the place, but it somehow works perfectly. Bravo, Urban Planners.

The Bad:

  • Service. Unfortunately, this was something we experienced several times throughout the weekend at restaurants and most specifically the airport (never fly with Ryan Air). Step it up London.
  • Prices. 10£ ($15) for a cup of Miso soup and a little bowl of Edamame. W.T.F.

The Ugly:

  • Fashion. To say the English are eccentric is an understatement. I couldn’t help but crack up when I saw a girl in hot pink spandex, 6 inch glossy blue platforms and a turquoise fish net tank top. Seriously, these kinds of crimes were happening all over town. Mind you, it was also 50 degrees and no one in London wears a jacket when it’s that balmy out.
  • Hair. True story – I saw a dreaded, mullet. For everyday of my life I will regret not taking a photo of this, but I couldn’t inconspicuously do it without blowing my cover because I was laugh hysterically.

Overall, a fab weekend with the Chevriers, but to my surprise, I was ready and happy to return to France. Could it be that the France is really starting to grow on me?

And for your viewing pleasure, here is a YouTube video (set to appropriate music).
Bonus points for those of you who get the song reference.

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