Bali on the Brain

Words can not describe my excitement about going to Bali. I’d be lying if most of my excitement didn’t have to do with the fact that my all time favorite book, Eat Pray Love, partially takes place there. If you know me well, you know that this book is my Bible. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then you must watch the movie trailer (in theaters August 10th) for the story. I may have watched it 100 times since booking my flight. Check it out:

I know, it’s a total chick flick and I totally love it. I read the book at the most perfect time in my life to read such a story because I was going through many of the same things the author, Elizabeth Gilbert, was going through. I won’t bore you with those details here, but basically, I can’t help identify with the author, Elizabeth Gilbert. She loves yoga. I love yoga. She leaves the US to experience another kind of living. I am doing the same. She meets an amazing, romantic man with a great accent. Me too. Basically, I love her, she is my idol and I can’t wait to see and experience some of amazing things that she describes in the book (including a visit to Ketut Liyer aka yoda). I’m not alone in my quest because the Lonely Planet has a special section titled “That Damn Book”, where it describes Gilbert followers……..”A mixture of self entitlement, and too much yoga, with just a hint of desperation that they hadn’t yet found their Felipe.” Haha…I don’t care.

The book concludes in the magical place of Bali, which is one of 17,700 islands in Indonesia. Bali offers everything from amazing beaches, picturesque volcanos, rice fields surrounded by tropical forests, cliff side temples, hot springs tucked away from civilization, cheap lodging, tasty food and all in within miles of each other. As of right now our plan is to stay the night in Sanur, hop on the boat to Nusa Lombongan, then back to Ubud and finishing the week in Lovina. Click on the links that have had me dreaming for the last month. And if you are asking yourself, “Where the heck is Bali?”, then see below.

Agrandir le plan

My travel companions are two French girls, Marjorie and Julia. Marjorie is amazingly interesting having traveled all over the world including a year of living in India and another in South Africa. She is my China running buddy and through our long chats during night runs in Zhuijang Park I can vouch that she is super cool. Julia works with Fabien and has all the great french traits of beauty and style topped off with being really sweet. Her MO on his trip is relaxation and I’m on board with that.

On the way back I plan to stop in Singapore for a day by myself because who knows if I’ll ever make it back. There I plan to visit the city and experience my very first hostel.

Then shortly after I return Fabien and I will be welcoming various friends and family from the US and France. With them we will be traveling to Hong Kong, Macau, Beijing and the Philippines. The next couple months promise to be jam packed, but I promise to keep you updated with pictures and stories from our travels.

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