Happy Mothers Day

A couple weeks ago while I was leaving yoga class, a girl stopped me, looked at my bottle of ice water, gasped and then told me that I “should not drink cold water because I would not be able to have children.” I just smiled at her and said “okay” but in my head I was thinking that I’m pretty sure all the mothers I know have drank ice water in the past. Sorry China, not drinking the Koolaid. But, it did make me wonder about other Chinese health beliefs (or as I like to call them, superstitions).

This post is in honor of my mother, Fabien’s mother, my favorite “mother to be”, my sister-in-law, Heather, and all the other mothers reading. I thought you could use a good laugh on your special day, so here are some of the common pregnancy antics of China.

– Pregnancy is considered a hot condition, therefore to balance hold and cold (known as yin and yang) only cold foods should be consumed during pregnancy.
– Do no use sharp objects, such as scissors or knives, during pregnancy because if you do your child could be born with a cleft palate or lip.
– Do not touch anything adhesive or with glue, as this will cause your baby to have birthmarks.
– Do not do any heavy work or lifting or have sex because it will could cause a miscarriage.
– Do not eat pineapple because it causes miscarriages.
– Do not eat shellfish or your baby will have a rash.
– Do not eat too much otherwise your baby will be too big to deliver.
– The first month after birth is considered a cold condition and the mother should not leave the house incase the wind blows because she will get sick. Also, no washing with cold water.
– You should not wash or comb your hair during the first month because you will get a chronic headache.
– Drink plenty of hot water and tea and eat lots of fish and pig knuckle soup to compensate for the loss of calcium.
– Babies should be put to sleep on their backs to produce a flattened head which is considered more beautiful.

I hope this gave you a good laugh. Happy Mothers Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Mothers Day

  1. stacieinasia says:

    Update to this post….My brother and sister-in-law had their baby as I wrote this very post. My first nephew, Shea Eugene Foster, was born today (May 9). Mom and baby are good. Dad is hanging in there. :)


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